All-On-Four Treatment

If you’re struggling with tooth and bone loss, you’re not alone. At Hillsboro Dental Excellence, you can regain a beautiful and permanent new smile in a single day.

Dr. Geoffrey Skinner and his team are proud to provide amazing transformations with All-On-Four dentures. With this advanced technique, we place a customized dental bridge into your smile, anchored to four dental implants, in just one appointment!

What is All-On-Four?

All-On-Four is an efficient way to replace missing or damaged teeth. This is a single-appointment procedure that delivers a full and complete smile that can last a lifetime. Dr. Skinner and his team will place four implants into the jaw, then restore them with a set of custom-made teeth. While traditional dental implants require several months’ healing time, All-On-Four allows patients to walk out of our office with their new smile right away.

What to Expect from All-On-Four

  • Make an appointment for an initial visit and consultation. We will take photographs and impressions to design a perfect smile restoration tailored to you.
  • You will come in for your All-On-Four procedure, and we will safeguard your comfort with anesthesia and/or sedation.
  • We will perform any necessary extractions.
  • We will place the strong titanium implants into the jawbone in their ideal locations.
  • We secure your beautiful custom-made bridge to the implants that can be used immediately.
  • Altogether, your All-On-Four procedure could take only about four hours to restore both jaws. All-On-Four results in fewer appointments, less discomfort, and faster healing times.

Walk Away with an Amazing Smile

The Hillsboro Dental Excellence team has the experience and expertise you need to achieve a flawless new smile. We have assembled a trustworthy and talented team of professionals that will guarantee the best results possible.

We care about you and want not only to give you a great new smile, but also an enjoyable dental experience. To learn more, give us a quick call today.